Hand Painted Kitchen in Southampton

I was contacted in the first instance by the homeowner, they had installed a brand new kitchen from a small independent kitchen company in Christchurch, Dorset. The kitchen was tulip wood frame with doors made from Tulip wood again with MDF inner panels. They had done lots of research in looking for a suitable kitchen painter, specifically someone skilled in hand-painted kitchens. I was initially invited to give the homeowners a call via an email. I called them and made arrangements to go and meet them and see their kitchen to give them a detailed breakdown of works and a quotation."


After a week or so, the homeowner called back to request that we carry out the work, as our quotation was very detailed. They liked the way we spoke about our passion for hand-painted kitchens and that our quote was also very good.

We had lengthy discussions on procedures, timings, color, and materials, and we agreed to use Helmi 10 by Tikkurila paints. This is a fantastic paint for kitchen and furniture, providing a fantastic hard-wearing finish with a beautiful subtle sheen level of around 10%.

The starting date was booked and put into the diary. As with every job, it begins with the preparation, and as always, preparation is the key to a brilliant finish. We take care to remove all hardware, protect the newly tiled floor, granite worktops, and anything else. Our approach includes using Corex sheeting to protect the floor and worktops, meticulous masking, and an unwavering attention to detail. It was instilled in me as a very young apprentice that preparation is the art of decoration.

The next stage involves wiping any knots with methylated spirits, applying a shellac-based sealer called Zinseer BIN to any knots using an aerosol can for a very fine coating. After this step, every surface is tack ragged off to remove any small particles of dust. The primer is then thinned and applied using the finest brushes and lime green flock roller sleeves to produce a super-fine finish. We always apply two coats of primer, with denibbing, hoovering, and tack ragging off in between coats, ensuring a truly flat finish, the perfect base coat for the top coats which are waterborne.

Again, we always apply two coats of top coats with denibbing, hoovering, and tack ragging off in between coats. If a darker color is chosen, sometimes more coats are applied to give that real depth of color and a fantastic smooth finish. The final stages involve putting back everything that was removed, including all the hardware, hinges, handles, catches, etc. We then demask everything, give the floor a thorough vacuum, and clean all the granite worktops. The real beauty of our hard work then takes shape.

Thank you for reading, and we would really love to hear from you if you are thinking of having your kitchen hand-painted by people who have pride, care, and an eye for attention to detail. Our expertise extends beyond hand-painted kitchens to include hand-painted kitchen cabinets and comprehensive painting and decorating services tailored to your needs.


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