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Specialising in Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment throughout Hampshire and Surrey

Revive your kitchen cabinets with kitchen refurbishment solutions from MJL Decorating Services. Our team creates painted kitchen cabinets throughout Southampton, Hampshire, and Surrey. We always use the best techniques and materials we have encountered in our 40 years of experience in the industry. Furthermore, we provide wallpapering services for kitchens and any other room in your property. Check out our process below and contact us today to get started.

Cleaning, Masking, and Taping

Our team always start by removing and thoroughly cleaning all door handles in your kitchen. We also sanitise and de-grease all doors and drawers using Virosol, a fabulous eco-friendly product that we believe is far superior to sugar soap. Our preparation covers all areas of your kitchen – we often use a toothbrush to clean the hardest-to-reach areas! Once everything is clean, we’ll mask the worktops and flooring using lining paper, various tapes, and a spill-proof, impact-resistant protective board called Correx.


Next, we thoroughly sand every part of the kitchen, making it suitable for painting. This helps to improve paint adhesion and prevent chipping, peeling, and flaking. Our decorators always use professional sanding tools such as the Mirka Deros, connected to a Mirka M Class extraction unit, to eliminate dust. We also use a smaller Festool™ RTS 400 Q-Plus GB 240V orbital sander, which helps us reach corners and flat sections of kitchen units and trims.


Next, our team will apply high-adhesion primer to surfaces. We usually use Otex, a fantastic primer manufactured by Tikkurila, because this product can be tinted to match the colour of the top coat, ensuring maximum coverage and colour depth. The primer is arguably the most important coat in the entire process – if not applied correctly, brush marks will show through and ruin the appearance of the top coat. On the other hand, applying the top coat is easy when the primer has been applied neatly and evenly.

Top Coats

At MJL Decorating Services, we always apply at least two top coats of your chosen colour. Tikkurila Helmi is our preferred range, as it is an extremely durable paint and is available in three finishes – matte, semi-matt, and gloss. We have used this paint for more than 10 years because we love the long-lasting finish it provides.

The effort in cleaning and preparing your kitchen will pay off in this last stage. Using techniques honed throughout years of experience, and only the best materials, the final applications will transform the look of your kitchen entirely.

Comprehensive Kitchen Refurbishments

Our kitchen refurbishment specialists clean, sand, and paint kitchen cabinets to a high standard.

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